Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday #1!!!!

#1 and Ziggy
Making Mac and Cheese for dinner for the first time!

This post is primarily for the first guppy, #1 son, the one who, if he lived in Utah, would have MAJOR celebrations on his birthday. My baby is 10 years old today! He is on yet another road trip with his dad so will have the opportunity to spend his big day with Wendy, Adam, and James. So, here's to you, my son! I love you and enjoy this post.

Ten years ago, on this very night, I was waiting for Dad to return from a trip to Phoenix with Elli and Wendy. This was before the wide use of cell phones...if you had one then, you had to be really rich. I finally went to bed about 11 pm. They finally got home about 4 am. I woke up then and couldn't seem to rest. I got in the shower about 5 am. Got ready for work and was down at the office for my last day of work before my maternity leave at 7 am. I had to pee a lot! Then I began to feel somewhat odd. There I was in the middle of nowhere by myself for another hour until someone showed up at the the middle of a lettuce field and some abandoned sheds...I called the doctor and he said I should meet him at the hospital in Yuma. A 20 minute drive unless I got behind a slow tractor! So, I called home to let Dad know. Only, me, being a very conscientious wife, turned off the ringer on the phones so he and the girls could sleep without being disturbed! I called Aunt Debbie and she took pity on her uptight, pregnant sister and went to roust Dad out of bed.

I arrived at the hospital about 7:45 am. You were scheduled to be born the following Tuesday, after Gram arrived from Utah. The nurses hooked me up to the monitor and I immediately picked up on a pattern...every 10 minutes or so, your heartbeat would speed up..thump! thump! thump! thump! I asked the nurse. "Am I having contractions?" She said "Yep! I think your having a baby today!" I was very anxious at the prospect of meeting you for the first time. Brother George and Brother Price from church came by to give me a blessing for a safe surgery right after the doctor came in and said. "Let's have a baby today!" Aunt Deborah visited with her tambourine for a few minutes. Daddy was at home calling everyone...did I mention that he hates hospitals?? Gram called me and then she called Daddy and told him to get his behind to the hospital! He arrived just as I was getting uncomfortable from the contractions in my back and they were wheeling me off to surgery.

A nurse snagged Dad and took him to put on some "proper attire" for the delivery. After the doctor gave me the spinal block, another nurse brought Dad in. He was so cute with the puffy cap on his head and the blue gown and foot covers! It didn't take long before I heard you cry for the very first time...the doctor invited Dad to come over and see you while they checked you out. He told me he stroked your leg and you immediately quit fussing.

And that is how you arrived on this earth! You were an absolute joy as a baby...but I enjoy you even more now for the person you are becoming. I LOVE YOU, MY SON!

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