Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Need Some Input!

I got a call from my son's charter school yesterday wanting to know what my thoughts would be about the school going to a 4 day school week. It would be Monday through Thursday from 7:45 am - 3:30 pm. Keeping this schedule would still keep the students well over the requirements from the State and Federal guidelines. They are siting energy conservation (the campus would be "shut down" on Fridays) and hopefully promoting more family time as the biggest benefits.

Any questions? What do you think? Please COMMENT!


Jen said...

Hey Suzi! It was great to hear from you via my blog. Bloggers rule! I don't really have any input on this situation as I have no experience with it. I think, though, that I would rather have more days than longer days. But that's just my selfish perspective. I guess that energy is a big issue now. Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Suzanne,
Wow, that idea sounds great! The selfish me...Being a teacher with children would love to work those hours and perhaps use Friday to work from home and prepare lessons...especially since in kindergarten there is sooo much prep work. Also, one (as a teacher) could use Fridays as an intervention day to work with struggling students maybe half day or in their homes or some type of community center. There are so many options. I think that this is a good idea! Keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

I think a four day week for students could be a good idea. The trick is to use the time to inter-act with children. My only question is what about parents who are working a five-day week. That will leave children pretty much on their own for the day. Especially the older children that tend to get into areas that couuld lead to problems. It needs some thoughts on this.