Monday, September 1, 2008

A Just Reward for a 4 Year old

So, Andrew is a big fan of Skecher Airators. He has been since he first saw the ad on TV announcing the burst of fresh air between your toes...
I, however, was a bit freaked out at the thought of paying $52 for a pair of shoes for a 4 year old.
We just didn't bring it up...unless he saw the commercial that made him dance in anticipation! I told him maybe we'd get him some for school, thinking (hoping!) he'd forget about them.

This started before I had the baby. Fast forward to May of this year and our visit with Aunt Judy. Andrew came flying out of David's room to tell me that David had Airators! Judy told me she had heard good things about them and David wanted some so she had him earn half of the money to purchase them.

GREAT IDEA! So, I told Andrew if he wanted to do chores around the house to earn extra money for his own Airators, we could do that. All summer he was a great helper. The commercial became a motivator for him. He just couldn't seem to wait to feel that rush of cool air between his toes!

When we visited Aunt Judy and David in August, Judy suggested we check the Skechers web site before I bought at a store. Last week I had Andrew bring me his piggy bank so we could see how close he was to his goal. While he got it, I pulled the shoes up on the web site. Lo and behold, the shoes were on sale for $37!! No tax because I don't live in CA and free shipping if I signed up on the site! We counted his money and because of the special, he had enough money for his half (or should I say for one shoe?)

It took 4 days, like they said on the site, for his shoes to arrive. I had the package addressed to him so he could see that they were REALLY coming to him. I swear it was better than Christmas. I have been chatting up his accomplishment and having him show off his shoes to everyone! So I couldn't leave out my little corner of Blogtopia!

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