Saturday, August 23, 2008


James, Adam, & Wendy after Commencement at the Marriott Center at BYU
Proud brother, ATC and Wendy
ATC, Wendy, James, Adam, and proud mother-lady ;-)
Are they cute or what??
WE were absolutely busting at the seams to be in Utah for Adam and Wendy's graduation from BYU. It was a fun, quick trip (too quick in my opinion!). Wendy and I got to go do some things we didn't have the opportunity to do before they got married...we went and treated ourselves to pedicures and manicures. It was so much fun to hang out with her for a few hours and reconnect without any of the diversions that are usually little siblings and her own baby! I am indebted to my sister, Debbie for watching my 4 kids so it was possible. Not an easy task in a hotel room!
The morning after graduation my best friend, Judy, called me and asked if I'd seen the Deseret News newspaper yet. I hadn't and she said she'd gotten a big surprise when she opened the paper to the "Utah" section and the Paulukaitis Family was on the front page! Such a sweet photo of the 3 of them. The writer even spelled their last name small feat, I'm telling you! Of course that began a mad scramble to get copies of the paper! Later that evening, Adam and I went to dinner with Wendy and her Adam and his parents, Deborah and Dave. It was FUN!
Such a good trip...good times!

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