Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visions of Things to Come

Makenna trying to pull herself up on the couch (5 days shy of 8 months old!)
I must say this kid is pretty amazing to me~she is my only baby to do any of this before the age of 10-11 months. It's fun to imagine her walking soon, but terrifying as well. Good exercise for me! Makenna is also interested in playing with her brothers. Right in the middle of everything! They look at her sometimes like she is a pesky fly! I can hardly wait to see that scenario develop in the next few years....

I love Fisher-Price's Little People! I had just about a complete set when I was little. The farmhouse, school, cottage...do you remember those? And that the Little People used to be wooden instead of plastic? I have been fairly shameless in collecting the set for my children. I even bought the cottage last Christmas for Makenna. She wasn't even here yet! Well, as we have been cleaning and sorting toys, putting everything together, the boys have been separating all of the Little People so we can take an inventory. Anyway, my Wendy posted a picture on her blog of these two little guys! Mini Missionaries! Well, guess what's going to be added to out Little People collection this holiday season??

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Wendy said...

She is doing so good. She might be the smartest yet. I saw the mini missionaries at seagull book. They were cheaper. I don't know if you can get them online, but I can imagine you can. There are three different sets.