Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Your Royal Guppiness!

Look what Grandma Dee got me! A HUGE Curious George book!
And a couple of Transformers from some very dear friends...
some games for the Wii from Aunt Deb and some other dear friends....
My "superhero" party transformed to Care Bears when I saw the blinding cuteness of these cupcakes! I consider myself to be secure in my manliness...(what is that??)
Ask any grown-up 5 year old "Who wants to pose for pictures?" when I can grab me some tokens from my exceedingly generous daddy and go play games? Who wants to do that?
I am always so surprised at how fast time goes by, especially since I've had children. My #2 Guppy is now 5! He was so excited for today. The first thing out of his mouth this morning was "Mom? Am I 5 now?" When I told him "yes", he said "YES!" He was happy all day.
There were two events that completely made his day...
**a phone call from Mickey Mouse that Adam and Wendy got for him**
**they are the connoisseurs of all things DISNEY!**
**seeing his friend, *K*, who he has gone through preschool with since they were 3.**
**she graduated to Kindergarten since she was 5 before the deadline.**
**I didn't realize how much he missed her til he about turned inside out when he saw her!**


Wendy said...

he is so cute. I love that kid.

Jen said...

How fun! Wish him Happy Birthday for me.

b. said...

He is pretty darn cute!

It looks like his birthday party was the bomb!!