Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not to Toot My Son's Horn...but...

Adam Camarena

Adam loves learning and he goes above and beyond in everything he does. Here are two examples...First, we are working with states & capitals by region but he wrote out all 50 on his own & he studies them every night. Second, in math we usually do odd or even problems but Adam does them all every day because he just loves math!!

So, I got a surprise this afternoon when I was talking to my mom and she said someone at the Family History Library told her Adam's picture was in the paper today. He was nominated by his teacher. If you follow the link, you'll see the picture that was in the paper. He was very happy. And we are so proud of his accomplishments and hard work. He's at a good school with an excellent teacher that motivates him in a positive way.
Great Job, #1!!!


Deb in GA said...

ATC is so cool. I love the link. I am so proud of him and did I mention he is so smart. I love that kid.

Wendy said...

That was written by me Wendy. The computer was signd under Deborah, sorry