Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Precipitous Angles

This post is for someone I love more than cheese...know who you are?
When I got the yell to snap this shot, I hurried over with the
camera and snapped it before the opportunity was gone. This picture of my darling baby girl being "saved" by her Father before
she comes to harm or pain put an image to the way I have been feeling over the past weeks and months. Watching General Conference this past weekend ( on TV with my family mostly, and by myself on Sunday morning (thanks DH) put the power back in my punch. I contemplated the eternal power of
marriage when it's continually worked on and how I can't wait to get there one day. How difficult life is, how important it is to savor as much as you can, appreciate every little thing, person, and being. I'm so grateful for dear friends and family...grateful DH was there to pluck Makenna from the precipice, her faith is evident in her smile. Is mine? One other thought this picture evoked: the Primary song "A Child's Prayer". It begins with "Heavenly Father, are you really there?" Yes, He is. When all seems to be unstable around us, be still for a moment and KNOW He is there and supporting you in your trials. You, me, everyone that cares to ask (and even sometimes when we don't...because He loves us that much!).

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Wendy said...

Thanks that was really sweet. I needed that reminder. I miss you guys and find myself saying I want to go home. I realize I guess I am home, but yet I feel like a stranger. I think once I get to church I will feel a tons better. Still hunting for a job. I went to the Disney store and they need people, but they would not give me Sundays so I would not give myself. I think Heavenly Father will saw my courage and that gave me even more courage that something will be given to both Adam and I when the time is right through our faith.