Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sisters, Sisters, Sisters!

I took this picture I believe a day after Wendy got home from her 18 month LDS Mission to Switzerland. Andrew was attached immediately! The last time he had seen her, he was 7 months old. Two peas in a pod!

I had a really neat experience today. I read the article in the Arizona Republic about the couple from Mesa that were burned quite severely in a plane crash in the middle of August. It was an update on their condition and how their families are coping with the devastation of this tragedy. The writer was able to capture the closeness of the sisters that made it most tangible for me. While my DH sat close by fiddling with some picture frames, I read the story spread (quite impressive!) and bawled my eyes out! Then I decided I should pay tribute to the sisters I know and love dearly. My Aunt Vivian and my Mom

My Aunt Joy and My Mom

My sister, Deb,
with Sam

I just love this picture of Wendy and Makenna! It should be quite a relationship between these two and I can't wait to see!

Of course, I have another sister of my own that I chose, my kids call her "Aunt Judy" and I cannot find one picture on my computer! It really annoys me. So this is a friendly warning to time we are up there...look out for the camera!
My other favorite sisters, the Girls Parker, I have none of! So, I am on a quest! Be prepared!

After reading this, I couldn't help but wonder if I would do this for my sister. Yeah, I would.
I'd take care of your little dog too!


The Lundgren Family said...

So I look through your blog, of course waiting to see a pic of me and my sissy's...but no pic!!! At least I kept reading and realized you didn't have one! I will have to send you some. Carlee and I have a few from this summer, and I am sure we could take one when we are together for Christmas.

Sparcam said...

I would love it! If I'm not asking too much, Maybe i could get one of the 3 of you together and then each of you with your families...I'm working on a project. If by some wild chance you see your dad, get one with him too!