Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something to Think About

I received an email from a friend of an experience someone recounted of attending the Oakland, CA LDS Temple. How they had to make their way through protesters to attend. There are some pretty upset people over there right now. Upset at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints support of Prop 8 to overturn the gay marriage ruling. The way this person described the experience of entering the temple to see some of the sisters in tears really upset me. For those of you that have experienced seeing all of these beautiful, sweet people attending the temple...it infuriated me!
So, here's what I'm thinking about, in case you wanted to know. The picture is shortly after the birth of Makenna earlier this year. In the picture is My DH, ATC, Andrew, Sam, Baby Mak, and my mom. I was blissfully asleep in the recovery room. I haven't looked at this picture in a while. I wish there was a shot looking at my mom as she welcomed her newest granddaughter to this world. Because as loving an expression she has on her face and as awed as the boys were by welcoming this precious little spirit from Heaven and the presence of our Heavenly Parents...THIS is how it is supposed to be! Marriage between one man and one woman! It is an eternal design, the circle of our existence! If it were natural for two women or two men to create children together...but it's not.
This picture also made me think of the beautiful reunion we will have when we leave this earth, loved ones so happy to welcome us to the next phase of our existence. My sister, who was a hospice nurse for 10 years, once described a death she attended as a "birth in reverse" for all of the beauty and the reverence and awe that was present. Families are forever! I am grateful and proud that I belong to a Church that has a living prophet to guide us through these scary times. That is willing to take a stand to defend what a family is all about. Because it's the right thing to do...it just is!


Jen said...


I'm glad I don't live in California right now, because if this thing passes, I think they just might end up in the Pacific Ocean!

Sparcam said...

Strangely enough, this has crossed my mind! Let's head the stampede to Disneyland before November 4th!!