Saturday, October 18, 2008


Before I get into my "blog fodder" for the evening, I have to get mushy about this picture for 2 reasons:
**I love the lighting and the subject!
**Mak gets to show off the outfit that her big sister, Wendy, sent to her!
Now,on with the fodder...

A tradition has slowly evolved in our family!
It involves every single, stinkin' stuffed animal in our humble abode. Plus many pillows and blankets. It started years ago after we bought our home when the power went out one night. So, me and DH, Wendy, and ATC camped out in the living room by the dim light of candles and flashlights.

Mak and Sam are purely in it for rolling around with the animals, being chin deep in the plush! Of course, they must still be corralled in the evenings so they can be safe. It's only a matter of time before #3 figures out how to climb the rail. The only time me and DH are invited now is if the power goes out. Even Aunt Debbie got in on this one!

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