Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, Baby Mak Style!

If all my days were capped of with a warm bath, I wouldn't know what to do with myself! This was a special bath, though. It was my first bath unimpeded by the baby tub! It was AWESOME!

And especially enjoyable after a day filled with work and stress!

Here is a recap of my busy Friday.


I have to admit it. I was slightly annoyed with my mother when she was giving the play by play to Aunt Judy on the phone of me falling asleep in my high chair!

Thank heavens Daddy rescued me!

Me and Sam made a mess with our diapers (not in them!), so Mom said we should clean them up. Sam wasn't much help, though. I decided to just suck my thumb, instead!

I also pulled the videos from the bookshelf, harrassed my big brothers and their friends, went to Grandma's and let the dogs out...did I just answer the question on everyone's lips??

(Who let the dogs out? ha ha ha! LAUGH! she's just a baby!)


b. said...

I love your new background and LOVE the videos!!

They are getting so big!
My favorite is the head bobbing in the high chair....good times!

Jean said...

So cute! And so grown up!