Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

In this little 6 x 9 container, which is my wallet, there are many important items that are integral to the everyday goings-on that are my life. So, when this disappeared, it was frightening. All of the possible scenarios raced through my mind. If you've experienced this, you know what I'm talking about.

When I realized I had lost my wallet, I was just arriving home from making a delivery of Scentsy products to one of my party hosts. I felt like Santa Claus delivering the numerous bags to her door. I remembered distinctly taking some change from my wallet for one of her guests. I had my 2 yr old with me, so I was a bit distracted as I put him back in his car seat. I put my wallet on the back of my car and turned to my client to say goodnight. Then, I got into my car and drove 10 miles home! I carried my son and some other stuff into the house, then went back to get my backpack. As I picked it up, I noticed it felt about 10 pounds lighter. I realized I couldn't remember retrieving my wallet from the back of the car.

A sense of dread filled my heart. Before I panicked, I cleaned my car out methodically (no small feat, seriously!) and using a flashlight checked every nook and cranny.

NO surprise, no wallet.

I called my client and asked if they would check their sign of it anywhere. They even looked in the street. They are wonderful people.

I drove the 10 miles back out there and retraced my vehicle's path to no avail. I planned to call the various agencies the following morning to order copies, cancel cards, etc. In the still of the morning, I knew I should wait. I had offered up many prayers and bargains (they don't work!) to the Lord. I worried my way through the day, feeling anxiety tighten my chest. I picked up #1 from school and we drove out once again with no signs of my purse. He said another prayer(gotta love him!) and we headed for home.

All evening we worked together to get our home in order so we could complete our Christmas decorations. About 9 pm, my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number and hoped it was for another order. The woman on the other end asked if it was me and used my whole name. I began to tremble and realized as I said out loud to her, "You found it!"

She proceeded to tell me her side of the story. She and her husband had been out walking and found it in the middle of the street. Initially, they thought it was a big rock and prepared to kick it out of the way. Then "C" realized it was a purse of some sort. They got home and, as she said, she apologetically went through my stuff to look for ID. It was not until she found a voided check (that I had intended to through away earlier in the day) with my cell number written on it that she could contact me.

Now, to me this was proof of a miracle in and of itself. But there's more. As I drove out to her home that was about a mile from where I had been, I was under the assumption they had found the wallet on Thursday night. They found it Friday night. Around the same time I had lost it the previous night!

C and her husband R, greeted me as I pulled into their driveway with #1 and Baby Mak. C greeted me with a hug as I expressed my heartfelt thanks. She commented how lucky I was that it hadn't been run over. I agreed. My favorite shade of MK lipstick was in there! C begged me to check through and make sure all was intact and I did quickly. As we talked, I asked where it was they had found it. It was about 3 miles away from where I had been the previous evening. In an area I hadn't gone to. I asked them what it felt like to be instumental in the answer of a prayer. We all got a little emotional as I prepared to leave. C & R walked me out and I introduced them to my children. Baby Mak was asleep. C commented how beautiful she was. She then paused and said, "Wait! I think I have a dress to fit her!" She turned to me and asked, "It is okay if I give her a dress, isn't it?" A couple of minutes later, she returned with this:

A "Pebbles" denim jumper in Mak's exact size!
My friend, Lori, will appreciate the irony in this, since we used to call each other "Bo-Bo and Pebbles" when we were younger! My sister told me I had to make sure I told Lori about it.
I can hardly wait to put it on my Baby Mak.

After leaving them, with many profuse thanks and a promise of Cranberry-Oatmeal cookies, we went home. And the hair on my arms and neck didn't chill out for 2 hours! I have had many opportunities this week to be on the receiving end of so many kindnesses. My pride has been beaten into the dirt, I think, by a Heavenly Father that loves me and knows I have needed these "refining" lessons. These last few months have been trying to say the least. I am exceedingly humbled. And most of all grateful for all He has blessed me with.
On a lighter note, particularly for this little guy! My little Sam. He is so dogged in his determination to write and draw. Much like #1. He pushes me like no other...and I love him for it.


Wendy said...

I love it thanks for sharing you are amazing and you deserve it I don't believe in punctuation today Love ya

Jean said...

Wow! What a wonderful and truly amazing story! I think you and her were meant to be a blessing to each other. You deserve all of those kindnesses and I'm so glad they were part of your week.