Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Favorite Way to Share Christmas

Elder Robinson
Elder Robinson with Andrew, Makenna, and Bro. Adam Camarena

Elder Appell making faces for the babies
He got a big "ooh-aah" from Sam and Andrew for this one!
Elders Robinson and Appell enjoying Christmas dinner.
Aunt Debbie and Grandma Parker, Adam Camarena, with the missionaries.
Elders Robinson and Appell at the Camarena Home in Yuma, AZ

We were so happy and blessed to have the missionaries in our home on Christmas Eve and Day. The kids really enjoyed them. So did the adults, actually! I told them I would post some pictures for their families on my blog. It's fun getting to know them and sharing some time with them. They are truly on the Lord's mission. Last night, studied Luke 2 about the birth of Jesus and they challenged #1 to study the 1st lesson in Preach My Gospel
so they could ask him some questions next week. I thought he'd burst at the seams.
Today, I thought it important to share with these young men's families, so my next post, I will share a special gift Makenna received from her big sister, Wendy!


Jen said...

That is so awesome! We had missionaries living next door (in your old apartment, actually) while I was growing up. I think it is such a benefit for children to be around them and feel of their spirit. What a great Christmas!

Roger and Kari said...

Can you believe that 6 years ago I was the missionary spending Christmas with you? It is amazing how time flies. I love you guys & wish you all the best for 2009.
P.S. Tell the Elders thanks for being persistant.