Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some Family Pictures

My sister, D, had the opportunity to travel to Yellowstone and visit with our family in Utah. I thought I would take a moment to show off the handsomeness of my brothers and a couple of other family members. This is what is so cool about blogcasting...they don't read it, so I can say whatever I want and they won't ever know! Justice for all the times they would make me mad to the point of throwing punches. And they would put a hand on my forehead to hold me back so they were just out of reach. Enough about that! My brother, B, is a dark-haired scrawny kind of guy. The only one in the family who never had to watch his weight! He's graying a little around the edges, but loves the great outdoors and marking his territory!

Oops! That's his dog, Roach! Can't believe this dog is still alive! The only dog
that ever bit my sister and lived to tell about it. I swear, he is possessed by something! This is my brother! He will be exceedingly ticked at me for talking about his dog that way! So, yes, LADIES, he has baggage! (love you, dude!)

I was going to say this next bro of mine, G, is a big "bison", "buffalo", kind of guy. Easy-going, good-natured kind of guy! But he has considerably less hair than this critter!

But he is outdoorsy and a big bear of a guy. When my boys hear him speak, they generally freeze. I wonder if I took testosterone...just kidding!

On to the cuter side of the family, this is my OLDER sister, D, and my Aunt V. Both are neat ladies and have been through a lot. D is kind of fun to poke fun at because she get all bent out of shape very quickly! I'm not like her at all! (yeah, right!) I'm thinking it's pretty sad that I'm writing about my sister's trip...I don't think anyone would have enjoyed what really went on today!


b. said...

You have a great lookin' family!
But my favorite is YOU!

Jen said...

Nice pics, D.! Hope she had a great time!

Stephanie said...

Your family looks wonderful! Hope things are going well for you! :)