Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, my sister, Deb, has a thing with yard work. She likes it...free therapy that shows instant results. She pays a guy to take care of the front yard and he does a great job. The back yard is saved for the times when she has something to work out and a little time to do it. I think today's foray was because the desert tortoise will be coming out of hibernation soon and needs to get out of his overgrown den (ie, rain+desert=weeds and grass you never knew you had in your yard)! She called me this afternoon to report a terrible accident! My heart leapt to my throat as images of a bent and dented Nissan Maxima (hers) raced though my imagination...!

"Suzie, I've had a bit of an accident," she says sheepishly.

"Are you okay?! What happened?!" I cry.

"Well," she mumbles, "I was working on threading the weed eater..."

"The weed eater?" I say incredulously.

"I guess there's a reason you shouldn't re thread it when the electricity is hooked up..." she trails off quietly.

Sam was very concerned about the owie.
He kept looking at it, walking away, walking back and saying "OW!"

It took some convincing....

But he finally kissed it better!

I never thought MY sister, goddess of her very own power tools, would get WHACKED by the weed eater!


said victim said...

Thank you for the sympathy. Keeping it clean and slathered with Neosporin. Feels better already. I think my Tetnus shot was about 12 years ago. I think the the mwaah by Sam has been theraputic. Moral of the story, check the outlet to make sure the switch is in the off position. Maybe I really am indestructable. Better put up my lightening rod on that note.

PetalsYoga said...

YIKES!!! Please let that be your sister's worst accident ever!

Glad she is mostly okay.

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KC Mom said...

Those weed whackers are whacky! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...:)

Becca said...

Oh my... That is just awful. I know that it will heal but I think that I would be afraid of the evil weed eater from now on! YIKES!!


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AdamPalooza said...

Mom, I was there. I jumped when it was on, suddenly deb told me what happened

Love ya!

Nana said...

She's luck she didn't whack her leg right off.

Sabra said...