Thursday, March 12, 2009


When I went in to get #3 Guppy this morning, He was huddled under his favorite blanket shivering for all he was worth.

NOT a good sign.

Officially, he was at 101.8 degrees.

I gave him some ibuprofen and diluted juice and ran out the door to take #1 to school. DH stayed with the babies. Got home and noticed #4 was hot too!


Thank heavens for sisters who love to play Zelda and have major soft spots for the wee, get it? She likes to play Zelda on the Wii and has soft spots for the wee ones....if I was up to date on my fancy, schmancy English skills...that would be something!

Where was I?

Oh, yes, she came bearing gifts of infant motrin and Pedialite for the babies and for the stressed out mother still suffering from an annoying stiff neck and shoulder...appetizers and salad from The Crossing (the BEST Ranch dressing on the planet!) AND chocolate.

By the time this evening rolled around, #3 and #4 were pretty wasted (Fevers topped out at 102.8 and 101.5). #2 went home with said sister (Did I mention she was voted Yuma's Angel one year?), #4 passed out on Daddy's arm. #3 puttered with me, demanding I write an "A" on the paper. When I settled into my rocking chair, I turned to coax him to come sit with me. This is what I saw...

He was out! (When did he get so leggy??)
My beautiful boy

Sleep tight, little man!

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b. said...

Soooo Soooo Cute...he is getting big...his cheeks, oy!

You are so blessed to have an angel for a sister!