Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Fun Party

Here is my "officially 5 1/2 year old" as he and his bros and
Aunt Deb were leaving the ward party. He had a blast!
This is #3 when Aunt Deb told him it was time to go.
They had been there almost 3 hours.
Get over it, already!
A gorgeous Arizona evening!
#3 being a busy much to do and so little time!
Over and over and over again!
#2 says, "Mom! did you the see the picture of me fake-crying? I LOVE that one!"
Well, blogotopia, here it is! And, yes, I LOVE it too!
#3 going down the slide with our favorite babysitter.
Deb said they had so much fun with her!
I'm feeling old suddenly, because I remember when she was a baby!
#3 adding some sand to his mop!
I got to wash it down the tub drain.
He could have had his own beach in there!
I believe #2 is growing a Sonic straw and cup from his face! AHHH!
Do ya think we'd get something free if I sent this to the "official Sonic headquarters"???
This picture speaks for itself.
I love to see my boys happy!
#1 is so totally like his #2 sister!
Love the self-portrait, T!
I was at home with a sick baby! I'm so grateful to Deb for taking them to play with everyone from church. And also to some dear friends for calling to remind me about it.


Wendy said...

it does look like they had tons of fun. I wish I was there to enjoy it. sniff sniff

SITS Girls said...

Great pictures!

You were the winner of the homemade cookies at the SITS auction! Please email us for payment info.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me borrow the kids. At this stage in my life these guys are like my grandkids. the beauty of this is that I did not have to go through raising my own kids to get this perk. This isn't how I thought it would be when I was younger. I always thought I would be a wife and mother and in that order. This to me is even better. Less work involved. Next will be the picnic with work. Can hardly wait to take themn again.
auntie Deb