Thursday, April 23, 2009 DRAMA!

Yesterday was a somewhat traumatic day at the Camarena Circus. I had to leave early to get some blood drawn and when I came home, I saw Baby Mak sitting in her high chair minus a WHOLE bunch o' hair from her forehead! All of the air rushed from my lungs as a million words formed on the tip of my tongue,
"Why? How? Uhhh? Whu happ..? to YOU DIDN'T REALLY DO THAT!"
He smugly informed me she was so happy because she could see without having her bangs in her eyes! Oh, and she smiled the whole time!
She's 15 months! She simply doesn't understand the gravity of the situation!

Of course, DH has been threatening for the last couple of days! I told him I was going to take her to my favorite professional. So now it would be an EMERGENCY visit and oh, was he in trouble! He better hope I can get her in today! I assured him it would be difficult because she was always booked. I was RED HOT and 10 types of bent out of shape! Not only had she endured her older brother taking a chunk of hair off of her head a few days ago, now I had to keep the scissors out of Daddy's reach too??

I called CL and ranted and raved about what had happened to my precious little girl's crowning glory...I add that for dramatic effect...once she heard Dad had wielded the shears, she calmly informed me to be there with the victim at 2:30.

I turned to DH and said,

"YOU are sooooo BLESSED!...that she could fit her in today!"

He simply shrugged (as only he can!) and went about his day.

So, this is Baby Mak today.

Not feeling too well since she is still battling an ear infection, but none the worse for wear from

The Attack Of the "I Don't Get what the Big Deal Is" Scissors-Wielding Daddy
Who Truly Had Only the Best of Intentions in His Very Soft, Mooshy Heart.

At least it will grow back quickly!

And she is still so CUTE!


Anonymous said...

She looks like Andrew now.

b. said...

It WILL grow back.....but I would have been mad too!

Wendy said...

She does like like Andrew and she is still cute. I am so sorry.