Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Mohawk Attempt & Special Salutations to Bebbie!

I am completely envious of the amount of hair this girl has! I couldn't get the mohawk to stand up straight. Mak loves her bath, but is always ready to hand me the plug when she is done.
Her favorite toy is the Disney Fairy bucket she has from Mrs. Fields cookies.

Poor Sam doesn't have enough hair on top right now to support a mohawk attempt! I must say, I love its soft, silky texture.

Sam has begun to speak at a rapid rate. There are pros and cons, mostly pros. Especially after my first two spoke nary a word until 4 1/2 and 3 respectively. So, to hear Sam is a joy. Unless he is crying when "Bebbie" (Debbie) goes home! On Mother's Day, DH's sister, Deborah came over to visit. When she came in, Sam said, "Hi Bebbah!" Melts my heart. As a result of his attempts at language, Mak is coming right along. She has a handy vocabulary of about 6 words at almost 16 months. You can catch her trying to mimic Sam, or if I am working with her, trying to coax a word from her, Sam will say the word or phrase.

Sam is also pointing out letters on billboards and street signs. Also on the TV and can identify and say almost every letter in the alphabet. He is also fascinated with counting. When I begin to count to 3 when he's in trouble (the SuperNanny would shoot me!), I'll start with "1...2...," and Sam will say "". Okay, he knows he is making it impossible for me to stay angry!


Wendy said...

That's really cute. James also likes letters and numbers. He doesn't count or anything he just likes to point at them. They make him happy. It's nice to see your babies growing up. They are so cute

Sparcam said...

They are just like their big sister...WENDY!