Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Have I told anyone lately that Adam and I have THE coolest daughter? Even when she is a zillion miles away, she can make us cry! And, yes, Wendy, there was definite moisture as he watched this! You guys are so cool for doing that and I know it made his birthday. I apologize for the video...I have no idea how to get it upright!

And for your listening pleasure...

Happy Birthday, DH! I love you and hope you have had a wonderful day!


Wendy said...

That was pretty cool! At first I was like why are they singing and he is looking at the computer screen. I also thought why does that person sound like me in the background, but then I realized he was watching our video. I was so excited to make him the cake. We all enjoyed it by the way. However I want some of your watermelon it looks good. I miss you guys. I love you dad! Happy Birthday!

Atc said...

Happy b-day Dad!!!

I wish a happy birthday. hope you love the card.