Friday, July 3, 2009


For years, I tortured my nieces doing their hair.
I had to work very hard to learn to French Braid,
the curling iron was my weapon of choice and
hairspray from heaven.
When I was a nanny in NJ,
I had a blast fixing little Jackie's hair.
When I got married, Wendy was almost 15.
She has so much hair,
even when she was voluntarily allowing me to "do" her hair,
it was so silky it just wouldn't stay.
I love to hate her for that! ;-)
Fast forward through bearing three sons...and I got one!
Can you see them? I can't believe I'm excited about REAL pigtails!
Makenna loves them!
A comment about the blouse she is wearing...if she sees this while I am folding laundry,
she freaks out until I put it on her.
If she finds it in the dirty laundry, she will carry it around with her.
Did I mention how much she adores dresses and skirts?
And the tutus her sister made for her?
It's official...
I have a

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Nana said...

I think every mom get excited when she can finally do the pig tail thing. Very cute!