Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scorpions Baseball!

The boys, Adam and Andrew, have been bowling on a summer league. It was a hard sell in the beginning, but after winning a bit and earning patches, well, they like it now! Tonight, the league received a bunch of tickets to attend a Scorpions game. We decided to load everyone up and head over to the ball field even though it showed 107 degrees on the marquis at the County Fairgrounds. We had fun, even though I'm sure, at times, my kids put on quite a show for everyone!

Someone gave Sam a glo-stick and he made his way up to the fence by the ball players. I don't know who was having more fun...Sam or #32!

I wish I could have heard what the player was saying to Sam because he started giggling right after this!
Sam's thinking, "Wait for it..!"

Sam also kept sneaking to the dugout! He made it to the field twice. The guys were so nice with him!

Makenna enjoying some snuggle time with Daddy.

Makenna exploring the seats in front of us. She had to be rescued once because she got stuck in the seat!

Andrew having a melt-down (literally and figuratively!) He had only been home from the ward-campout with Deb for an hour or so.

Mr. Happy

After Sam snuck down to the dugout for the zillionth time, because he wanted to play ball, the team trainer came up and gave him a baseball! He was so excited about it and NO ONE was allowed to touch it. Yes, my son screams like a girl! One of the other players sat Sam up on the wall by the dugout and said a few things to him. I think they got a kick out of him. For a kid who has never attended a baseball game, he insisted on wearing his baseball shirt. There was a battle to get it off of him tonight! Boy is that kid gonna sleep good tonight!


b. said...

So Cute!
We love going to see the Owlz play.
Sam is a riot!

Adam said...

Holy cow!! Andrew looks exactly like James when he starts having a meltdown.