Saturday, August 8, 2009

This and That

Helaman "grooming" my head. He's nutty!

After a very long day at his brothers' school orientation,

he passed out in the rocking chair.
It actually happened very quickly!
And he stayed in his own bed all night!
Mak enjoying spaghetti and grapes.

She really loves Italian food.

After the spaghetti, a bath was in order.

Don't let this smile fool you!

Why does she have to wash my hair?
Our summer is winding down to an end.
I completed a mountain of paperwork last evening.
Now, it's for two instead of one.
This is the only year Adam and Andrew
will ever attend the same school.
Unbeknownst to Andrew, he has some big shoes to fill.
He will do just fine.
On a sidenote, for those who didn't already know,
my mom had a mass removed from one of her breasts
this past Tuesday.
She received word yesterday, there is NO cancer.
Thanks to all of you who prayed in her behalf.
We love you for it!
Now, it is off to BOWLING!!


Jen said...

Cute pics! I'm glad your mom is okay.

Adam said...

I love the pictures. They make me feel close to you guys. Adam and I are enjoying an evening of Martinelli and Boggle. How romantic. Oh don't forget the romantic music in the background. =0)

Adam said...

Please note that the last comment was made by Wendy while she was logged in to my account (Adam's).