Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Makenna began Christmas Eve Day with a runny nose. By the end of the evening, she was beginning to sound a bit congested. I made a sanity run after we put the kids to bed and wasn't home an hour when I heard the sound of the infamous croupy seal bark. I don't think it's anything I will ever get used to. I got her from her bed before she woke her brothers and took her for a little stroll outside to see if the clear, cold air would sooth her.
It worked for a bit and I laid her next to her dad so I could finish with the Christmas Eve preparations. She and her dad drifted off to the sounds of PBS Sprouts and the lullaby they were playing while flashing sleeping images of their characters.
Makenna woke up an hour later even ickier. So, I took her into my bathroom and turned the shower on fill blast with hot water to make a good steam. This was her after in the rocker watching her mom put her Christmas present together.
This was Mak a bit later helping me put the finishing touches on her Grocery Cart. Once she realized what it was, she perked up. This was about 1:30 am. Merry Christmas!
She finally was able to sleep about 4:30 am. So, an hour and a half later, I was awakened by Adam and Andrew coming in to see what Santa had brought.
Andrew and Adam both received letters from Santa!! Andrew was tickled that Santa asked him to tell Mom and Dad thanks for allowing him the use of the computer!
This was Sam finally appearing at 6:20 am. He was not happy!

This is a beautiful picture of my sister, Deb's, Monkey Bread. In a word? AWESOME!
Our day was nice and low key, just the way we like 'em!

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