Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Special Gift for a Wonderful Young Man

Christmas rather low key for our almost 12 year old son.
But I know, for a fact that
made his holiday even more wonderful!
Wendy and Adam sent boxes a week or so ago full of fun gifts for everyone.
Adam opened his first and literally screamed in delight!
His sister, had made him a blanket with his bowling patches!
It is beautiful and he hasn't wanted to part with it.
I'm glad she was able to see his response so she received the full impact.
I know he has missed Wendy a lot since she went on her mission a zillion years ago and it's hard for them to connect. By the way, Wendy, his plan is for it to go to bowling to be shared with EVERYONE! He loves it that much!
I love my family!

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