Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Andrew Dear...!!

My life changed forever with the arrival of this boy!
We waited 5 long years for him to make his appearance.
He was worth every heart-wrenching second.
He was about 2 months old in this photo.
Andrew with his favorite cousin-buddy, David.
They were 3 and 6.
He complains he doesn't get to see him nearly enough! (I agree!)

Andrew and Daddy at Mirror Lake in the High Uintahs in Utah
Summer 2006.

Andrew with his big brother, Adam, 2006
Adam and Baby Andrew, Fall 2003

My favorite picture of Andrew as an infant!
Laying in my lap.
Drunk on milk!
Or milk-drunk as a good friend of mine puts it!
Andrew at about 8 months.

Andrew and Kira. 2009
They met in Pre-school in 2006.
He still calls her his girlfriend
that he's going to marry someday!
No other girl can measure up!
Andrew at the bowling alley, 2009.
Just a couple of "mother insights" about Andrew.
He has a huge heart.
Very sweet spirit.
quick temper.
His intelligence astounds me.
I love how affectionate he is,
how much he adores his Grandma Delores,
loves Aunt Debbie,
idolizes his big brother,
reveres both of his big sisters,
but this has to take the prize!
He is an incredibly awesome big brother!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!


Wendy said...

1LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Happy Andrew Day

Heather McCloud said...

:/ makes me want to go hold my baby boy & never let him grow up LOL...

Andrew & the kids need to come over and hang out with Maddi soon :) or we can do a mcdonalds date on a day when its NOT overtaken by others lol

deb said...

Andrew is the peacemaker of the family. He spent the night with me two nights ago. I had gotten very upset at his older brother the night before and when we woke up this morning he said that I should let peace come into my heart so that I will like ATC again. Can I beat ATC with the Piece. LOL. May he not get deterred too much by teenageritis.