Friday, September 24, 2010

An Evening Well-spent

Makenna sucking her thumb after eating her hamburger
 Samuel licking his plate clean after the ice cream~
 l to r: Sam, Adam, Andrew, Debbie, Deborah. 
Deb was demonstrating the "starving brain sucker" on the birthday boy!
 Adam and Andrew
 Aunt Deborah, Andrew, Makenna
 Aunt Deborah and the Birthday Boy
 The Adams
 Andrew and Daddy
 Grandma Delores and her sidekick
(note: Cassidi!  this is one of those times he is smiling to just like you!)
 Grandma performing one of the classic "Parker" looks.
I bet every Parker can find a shot of themselves with this look!
 The "other" guest of honor!
Wally, Gram's latest! Hopped inot Sam's chair to see what all the hoopla was about!
 Handsome Sam
 Andrew admiring his birthday cake.
He wanted a home baked one AND he got to help decorate it
at his request!
The cake before it was attacked by sprinkles!

Fun was had by all!  I can't believe Andrew will be getting baptized this time next year!
He was thrilled to receive his long-awaited for Nintendo DS game
, "Zelda: Phantom Hourglass",
that Grandma Delores got for him.
 And he got cash. 
 And is looking forward to a trip to Barnes and Noble
 with said cash and Aunt Debbie!

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Jen said...

Looks like fun! We love birthdays at our house too!