Saturday, September 24, 2011

Andrew is Official!

Andrew was baptized today and is the newest member
 of our ward (covers our geographical area)

Andrew was baptized and confirmed by Brother Thor Thorson.
It was truly a spiritual experience.
Andrew was so excited to make this commitment to
his Heavenly Father.
Friends from the area that came to support Andrew today!

Aunt Debbie, Samuel, and Grandma waiting for the
meeting to begin.
Grandma gave the closing prayer.

My handsome boys!
Adam gave a wonderful talk on Baptism.
Andrew was especially grateful to hear his
big bother bear his testimony of the truthfulness
of the Restored Gospel.

The day would NOT have been complete without
Aunt Debbie's brownies!

Just before leaving the church this afternoon, I knew
I had to get a picture of my mom with her grandchildren.
They love her so much!

Andrew was very surprised to receive his very own set of
LDS scriptures from the Thorson family.
The Old Testament and the The New Testament.
As soon as he got home, he used them to prepare his talk for Primary tomorrow! 
Before bed, he insisted on reading in them.
I am so proud of Andrew!
And very grateful that his dad was there
to assist him in the restroom
when he needed to get changed.

I must tell one funny about the day.
Andrew and I were driving to his friends home
this afternoon so he could hang out for awhile.
We stopped to get a slushy on the way as we discussed
the happenings of the day.
He went to take a drink and jammed the straw into his lip.
I told him it really hurts if you accidentally get your nose!
He said, "If you drank it through your nose, you would get a brain freeze super-fast!
Can you imagine if you sneezed icicles??"
I said, "Oh, Andrew! They would be "snot-cicles"!"
He began to laugh and then he said,
"Mom, I don't think that is appropriate conversation for someone that is just baptized."
Have I mentioned how much I love this boy? :)


Wendy said...

Yes, I do love that boy. He is sweet and thoughtful. I want to get him a gift that is as appropriate for his personality. I miss you guys so much!

Sparcam said...

I must say I am grateful for his sweet spirit every day. After he talked to you on the phone, he teared up and told me he misses you. He made me cry. We miss you every day.