Thursday, September 22, 2011

Andrew is 8!

"learning to dance in the rain"

Andrew, Samuel, and Makenna
A week or so ago, we had an awesome rain storm.
They are always worth a comment or two because
 we just don't get to see them very often
in this grand desert of ours.
I playfully suggested to my husband that we should
 take the kids out to play in the water.
 He shot that down fairly quicky!
I posted that on Facebook to which
my niece responded like this:
"Life is all about the experiences we remember... You of all people know that.
 Go now!"
Obviously, I took them and played.
Their dad even joined us for a bit!

As we walked back to the house,
Andrew was holding my hand.
I asked him if he had fun.
 He looked up at me and said,
 "Mom, I will remember this day forever!"

So, to this very special "sweetest pea" of mine,
I say this:
 I love you.
You were so worth the wait
 I hope you have an awesome birthday.
 And I hope I can give you
 many more happy, memorable occassions in the future.
HaPpY 8Th BiRtHdAy, Andrew Paul!

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