Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Special Moment in Time.

Andrew Paul Forest has not been feeling well. At all. I don't like it when my chickies are ill.!

This photo was from last week and I hoped and prayed he would be on his way to full recovery. He had an ear infection in his right ear and fever blisters covering both lips. He was miserable.

He started to recover with the use of the antibiotics prescribed so on Tuesday, I sent him to school. He came home saying his other ear hurt. I blew him off at first because he is still taking the antibiotic. By about 9 pm last night, he was laying in his bed whimpering. I gave him some Motrin and hoped for the best. About an hour later, he invaded my awesome king-sized bed, with tears evident in his voice and tension throughout his body.
I gave in and let him lay with me.
He was balled up in the fetal position, whimpering. I had just decided to take him to Urgent Care when I thought to ask a golden question:
"Andrew, would saying a prayer help you feel better?"
A vague affirmative nod of his head and I hugged him close and prayed for him.
A prayer that he would be relieved of his pain so he could rest and recover.
As I closed the prayer with " the name if Jesus Christ, A...
the rest of the sentence was punctuated with a gentle snore from my precious 8 year old boy. 
His body had entered into a deep, restful slumber in a matter of seconds.
Gratitude entered my heart.
For my son.
For the healing power of prayer.
For the strong faith of my little boy.
And especially for my own faith and knowledge in a Heavenly Father who knows and loves me.
I owe him everything.

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