Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rite of Passage?

(from our visit last weekend to a horse farm out in North Yuma.)
 It was awesome!

This evening after I picked Sam up from Debbie's house, he was pretty spunky and sassy. When we walked in the house he immediately started teasing his oldest brother, who was sick all day. The situatuation escalated with Adam popping Sam upside the head because he locked him out of the bathroom. (he was racing to the potty). I told Sam that Adam should have hit him, but he had just pushed to far.
I sent Sam to bed as it was time for that anyway. As Sam walked by the bathroom, he suddenly let loose with his fists against the door and screamed, "You son of a .....!"
I was off my seat instantly! Samuel hid in his closet instantly as well! I made him get out, made him take my hand, we walked to my bathroom where I called out to his dad to bring Sam a glass of water.
I have been threatening to wash his mouth out with soap for awhile. He knew it was coming. His hair was instantly plastered to his heat with sweat. He started throwing his fists, so I had Dad hold his hands. He clamped his jaws shut, so I plugged his nose. He opened his mouth just enough where I could drop one tiny drop of lavender chamomile hand soap on his tongue.
He looked at me, determined NOT to freak out. The saliva began to run out of the corners of his mouth. His face flushed even more. I asked, "Are you ready to spit?" He slowly nodded his head.

As he spit the soap out and then rinsed his mouth numerous times with the water, I explained his language was not acceptable. That if he continued, at age 5, to say these things, a good mouth-washing was what he could expect. He was then required to apologize to his 13 year old brother and give him a hug, while the oldest had to accept the hug and apologize for popping Sam on the head.

While telling my mom about this milestone of sorts (I remember telling her to "go to hell" when I was about 5), she chuckled, enjoying the drama. Until I told her I was jumping back on the wagon and breaking out the quarter jar to bring my own potty mouth back under control! I went for a LONG period of time and didn't cuss at all. I know I can do it again...but I'm bringing my mom with me this time too!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA! This is so true! I am still laughing about it! Love you mom!