Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Samuel is Eight!!

Sam started 2nd grade this year.
He was really excited. (Really!)
He and Makenna are great friends.
This past year is the one I have dreaded since Samuel could say "Baby Mak."
 he dropped the "baby" and he now calls her simply "Makenna."

He does the "eye roll" with pride.
 Of all the things Aunt Deb could teach him,
THIS is what he got!

He loves Deb's glasses too.
 I am amazed he could walk straight while he had them on!
He is totally channeling his Uncle Ron in this picture. 

Samuel is still my little hug muffin, but I know to enjoy that while it lasts.
  He is fast becoming involved with lots of friends at home and school.
 I affectionately refer to them as his "posse".  
Important things to note for this year:
Sam has been known to climb in the recliner next to Grandma and squeeze in for a snuggle.
He loves going places with Aunt Deb and loves her a bunch.
He loves Georgie the cat too much at times, much to Georgie's chagrin!
He loves moochies from his mom and loves his snuggle time.
He is very proud of his Mexican-American heritage and has a natural ear for the Spanish language.
 He loves his darkly tanned skin because it is unique from his siblings and like his dad.
He enjoys annoying his big brothers, while secretly looking up to them.
He misses his big sisters and their families.
He earns straight A's and loves to read. He has beautiful handwriting.
He has a beautiful voice for singing.
He has a strong belief and love for his Heavenly Father and Jesus
 and is diligent about saying his prayers.
I am so blessed to have him for my son and grateful he chose me to be his mom.
Happy Birthday, my son! 


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