Saturday, January 5, 2008

Waiting is the worst!

Well, I'm almost at 37 weeks with the pregnancy now. I have been "nesting" like the point where my husband tries to sneak out of the house! My poor boys. I feel like Jekyll and Hyde. Hormones are an amazing thing. I can almost feel them coursing through me. Is that creepy or what! Dr Lewis has been fantastic through everything. Even recommending anesthesiologists for me to put on my chart so I can hopefully avoid a repeat of last time. I think as the time draws closer, I am getting more nervous. For weeks I was able to be excited about Wendy having her baby and I didn't have to think too much about what was coming for me (just the delivery part, not the actual baby!). Now that James is here, I have had to deal with the fact that my turn is next. It's a bit scary even though I have done this 3 times before.

I'm kind of hoping for a January 14th delivery. Wendy's b-day is January 15th and Elli's is January 13th. The 17th would be alright too. I think it would be kind of neat for all of Adam's daughters to be born in a pattern like that. That would also ensure that Dr. Lewis was back in town. I really am praying that he is the one to do the delivery.

Anyway, I found a really great listing of the signs and symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome that describe my son Adam to a T. Now I need to find some guidance on the parenting angle so I don't lose my mind trying to discipline him effectively. Lately, I have just wanted to boot him in the butt on a regular basis. Once Makenna gets here and everything settles down and into a routine (am I being too optimistic?), the focus will return to Adam's treatment. He has so much potential and I just want to make sure he is being guided in the proper direction. We got him a study guide to study for the National Geographic Geography Test to see if he qualifies to go to State. He takes that test sometime this month. For those of you I didn't blab to, he won the competition for his school. Pretty cool for his first time out, in my unbiased opinion.

Well, my bed is calling to me! I'm so happy my church meeting don't start until 11 am now! Till next time!

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