Saturday, January 19, 2008

36 hours and 15 minutes

Well, Monday is the day...unless I keep getting these insane rushes of "must clean and putter". My family will be so happy when Makenna is here and I can get back to some semblance of normal! This is the furthest along I have been in 4 pregnancies. It's a different experience that's for sure. This baby is a lot more active than her brothers were and she likes to make herself known. Visions of things to come, I s'pose. I decided to treat myself to a bath last night and every time I would pour water over my tummy, she would roll and kick. The cat got quite a shock, that's for sure~

The night before last, my DH was using his new trimmer to trim his nose hairs (inviting picture, I know!) and he had that thing up his nostril so far I thought he was going to do some serious damage! Samuel came over and was watching him and the next thing we see Sam with his forefinger rammed up his nostril as far as it will go and he is giggling and snorting. It was hilarious! He is such a little ham. He was so reserved until we took him to Utah for Thanksgiving...and then some of that family blood must have rubbed off on him. He is an insatiable flirt. He does this grin where he crunches up his nose that is so funny when I was in Relief Society last Sunday he was sitting on the floor. I noticed he started to grin so I looked down the row to see who got attention...there were no less than 4 grown women making the same face back at him! Including Grandma Delores!

So, I am hoping for a rather uneventful delivery and looking forward to being finished with the reproductive portion of my life. After 5 years of either being pregnant or nursing...I am ready!! Just say a little prayer for the people working with me on Monday morning that all will go well.

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