Monday, January 7, 2008

Looks like January 21st!

I had my weekly doctor visit today and we decided on January 21st as a delivery date! Now I can really start getting nervous! I explained to my doctor that I have never made it to my scheduled date...3 out of 3 times. Between 3-5 days different. He made a note of that and assured me he'd be back by then. Plus, I have another appointment with him next week anyway. He said she still appears to be kind of small, he's not worried, but the longer she is in a safe, healthy womb, it's the best place for her. Knowing he's right doesn't make me any less impatient, however! And if I go 4 days early it will be the of my dream dates!

I gave little Adam the news first since I picked him up from school after the appointment. He has been amazingly sensitive and helpful over the last little bit. It doesn't seem like it has been 10 years since I was pregnant with him! I'll just be glad when Makenna is here and I am put back together and we can continue our journey from there. If she is at all like my nieces, we will have a blast.

Sam is doing well. He is becoming more mobile every day. He has 2 checks this month with 2 different agencies for his development. He is jabbering up a storm but has yet to walk. He's cruising very well but has some issues going from a laying down position to sitting up. I practice with him and exercise him often. I love the one on one time with him. He has quite the temper and is very opinionated. The funniest thing is to hear him "yell" at his brothers. Especially if they take a toy from him!

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