Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Part 2

Andrew's very first time in the snow in Winter Park, CO. He was all bent out of shape because the snow was cold!
Andrew, Sam, Wendy, Makenna, Adam, and James. I love this picture! Made me really miss ATC!
Makenna and James in cahoots already!! James is 52 days older than his Aunt Makenna...
Uncle Herb (George) with his great-nephew, James, niece Makenna, and nephew Andrew
Son-in-law, Adam Paulukaitis, with his sister-in-law, Makenna Camarena!!
Referring to the first picture of Andrew, he was a bit bewildered when his hands started that burning/hurting/itchy/ache from the snow. Then he got downright angry! His comment: "I'm angry about it!" I took him on a walk later and it began to snow big, fluffy flakes. It was beautiful. We were both soaking wet by the time we went back to the room.
It is always fascinating to me to witness the power of "blood" or perhaps a more appropriate phrase is "family". Evokes warmer thoughts, I think. Wendy had left the nest around the same time I had Andrew. Then she served her mission and returned when he was 2 1/2. All of the boys think she is the "bee's knees"! It was so cool to see her with Makenna. Even though she has her own child now, I think she will serve as a fantastic sisterly example to all of her siblings. Andrew and Sam adored James! He's such a cuddly little baby. Of course, I snatched him up first, but nothing compared to seeing his Grandpa hold him. James just leaned right into his face; he KNEW who this man was. Grandpa affectionately refers to him as "Jimmy A". There are so many examples of that family connection. It was fun to see Wendy and Adam in their new roles as parents, they are both good at it and work together well. I appreciated having time to just spend with them without having to be anywhere.
Uncle Herb (my brother, obviously!) was kind enough to invite all of us over for dinner. He treated us to BBQ'd steak. It was wonderful. My favorite part of the visit was piling my children on him and taking pictures. I think he enjoyed it too. The little ones just look at him in total awe (that'll change when they get to know him better! ;-)) Herb's son Mykel came over for a bit. He is such a handsome young man. It was great to see him.
I wanted to make a comment about my son-in-law, Adam. I love the picture of him and Makenna. It was fun to watch him with all of the kids. I think Andrew would have used him for a jungle gym if he could have arranged it! He and Wendy have been doing a lot of Family History research on the Camarena line. Just watching him ask knowledgeable questions about it of my DH and the shuttered, but secretly pleased expression on said DH's face, endeared him to us even more. How's this for a deep thought...Wendy's younger siblings will never remember her without him...anyway, I just wanted to let Adam know how much we love him too!
More to come....

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