Friday, May 30, 2008

Part 3 - The 1/2 mile run

David and Andrew before the race
David coming toward me and Andrew in the background
Andrew from behind
And wouldn't you know that as they crossed the finish line my camera died??? AAAHHHH!! But, at least I got these shots. David had a fun run at his school one of the nights we were visiting and Judy asked if Andrew could participate as well. Boy, did she earn brownie points with Andrew! Andrew had such a great time with David. David was such a good sport and so sweet with Andrew. He kept running back to keep Andrew going and said he tried to stay with him because he didn't know anyone there. So, now Andrew has moments of being excited about running. That is an interest I would love to cultivate in him.
It was fun to introduce Makenna to her (one of her names!) namesake, Aunt Judy. Samuel flirts shamelessly with Judy and totally got into trying to play with the big boys. Alas, we didn't get to visit for very long, but hopefully on our next trip we'll get to remedy that.
Just a sidenote, Makenna rolled over for the first time this morning and up onto her elbows! She knew she had done something!

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