Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Traveled Too Long! Part 1

Well, we finally made it back! It kinda went a little like this over the past 17 days:

*Shocks went out in Vegas...must repair
*Rotator cuff injury for Suzanne was a nightmare...intense pain, could not lift babies!
*Okay, who ordered the winter weather? Nothing like watching a 4 year old catch snowflakes in his mouth for the first time.
*Note to self: must buy stock in the ibuprofen industry...love whoever invented it!
*9450 foot summit at Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado...AWESOME! Never saw so much snow in my life and more started falling as we were going through. Did anyone tell the weather god it's the end of MAY??
* Notice DH has golf-ball sized lump on his face...bad-tooth abscessed...no whining from him...REALLY! Refer to ibuprofen comment above!
*Meet my nieces girls and visit with her hubby, see a happy, healthy, beautiful Candice.
*Get to see Wendy, Adam, and meet little James (what a cute, cuddly grandson I have!) FINALLY! Introduce Makenna to her awesome, beautiful big sister.
*Load my kids and grandkid on Uncle Herb and take TONS of pictures. He BBQ'd us some yummy steak too!
*Visit with Aunt Judy, Uncle Mike and David...Andrew ran his first official 1/2 mile fun run and loved it!
*Drive down US 89 in UT and encounter more of the fluffy white stuff...what the heck???

More details will follow over the next few days. I really wanted to share some of my favorite pictures so far...so here they are!

Andrew admiring the Welcome to Colorado sign
My handsome 4 year old experiencing unabashed joy in the snow!
I love pictures like this! My DH shares his warmth with our babies!
Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado between Winter Park and Steamboat Springs
My beautiful niece, Candice, with my little Baby Mak!
I will share more in the days to follow, like watching James snuggle with Grandpa the first time, Wendy seeing Makenna and watching the two younger boys go NUTZ seeing she and Adam, witnessing hero-worship blossom in Andrew for his "cousin" David. Watching my children climb all over Uncle Herb and I think he really liked it!

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b. said...

Awww....it looks like you had just an AMAZING time!!
Glad you're back safe and sound.

How 'bout that snow??