Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where in the World is....

Well, if I thought I could stay away...we are currently in Winter Park, CO on a sales trip. I actually got everyone to sleep. Amazing. It is beautiful here in the mountains. It has even been snowing. NOT fun for a family of desert rats! They call it "mud season" here right now for a very good reason! I am so excited to be heading west in the morning. We are going to stop and see my niece, Candice, and her family. I told her to be careful because I might blubber all over her. She is amazing! I am hoping to be able to post some of the pictures I've taken on the road in the next couple of days.

I left ATC at home with my mom and Deb and I MISS HIM!

Then, we are off to UT to visit with friends and family. I can't wait to finally meet our new grandson, James. Be prepared for lots of pictures of him with his uncles and aunt (think "you might be a Mormon if...")! I will probably bawl all over Wendy too!

Andrew keeps asking when we will see James and David! Just to give everyone a teaser as to things to be posted in the future, Heavenly Father really answers prayers!

From John Denver country...oh, and I heard Tim Allen lives over here too...oohhh, aaahhh!

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