Friday, June 20, 2008

MORE Mooshy Stuff...prepare yourself!

So yesterday, I was traumatized! This sweet, happy 20 month old of mine did something I had only heard of and really thought I'd never experience. Even today I am watching him with a bit of ambivalence...

The day began in a beautifully quiet fashion. So peaceful. And then Sam woke up. He was into everything! When I would go after him he would run from me laughing in absolute glee. His therapist came and he was a peach. Still, he just wouldn't stay out of things! Out of necessity, when it was time for Makenna to eat, I put him in his corral with his toys to play. I must have dozed a bit, because I kind of jerked awake because he was so q u i e t. I began to turn to check on him and some little voice in my head (in a very calming tone, I might add!) said," Go put the baby down before you look." So, I did.

As I walked back in Sam started making noises and pointing....he was standing with his onesie hanging open...sans diaper...and there was poop everywhere! He had put it in some of his toys, it was up his was disgusting! I can't recall a time where I have actually felt the desire to laugh and cry at the same time. I started to get angry, then incredulous, then..."I can't believe I left my job to do this!" Then I looked at Sam again. And gagged a little when I had to pick him up to start the cleaning process...but we did it without hurting each other! He just raised the stakes a little...and I think when he's a teenager, he's gonna get an extra chore!


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Sparcam said...

Laugh all you want now!!! But seriously, I hope you guys NEVER experience it! It was disgusting!!

b. said...

I nearly gagged just reading it.

None of my kids did that. But one time I had all of my achievement day girls over and one of them "used" my bathroom.....I'm not sure she got any poop in the toilet. It was all up and down the wall, the floor, the side of the toilet....I don't know what the he!! happened in there, I just know I had to clean it up.
It just ain't right.

Sparcam said...

Was her name Nikkita????