Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thinking about My Mashy

Nothing makes him happier than to be smashed between one of the babies and me while the baby eats.
'Stache enjoying the warmest spot on the couch.

Yeah, so he's just a stupid cat! He been my cat since 1987/88, somewhere in there. I've mentioned him a few times...he's been around so long that he is just always here. In the morning if he hasn't slept with us, I'm looking for him. He's been pushed off the bed numerous times, was graciously willing to share my bed with the other man when I got married. He's a great source of comfort to many. Including to the two kittens he fathered many years ago. He was the one to lay with them and keep them warm when the Mama Cat (Noelle) was recovering from having them. (Yes, she had a c-section...for a cat!) When he was a bit heavier, he was an excellent heating pad for those "crampier" days that make me so happy to be female.

He's also an avid Twinkie lover and Cake Donut stealer. His name is 'Stache, short for "mustache" but in his later years he has become better known as "Mashy"(thanks to Aunt Judy!) as in "Mashy Moo" because of his keen love of all things dairy. Did you know cats can have "ice cream headaches"? We found out quite accidentally. There was this awesome place to get shakes in Springville, UT some years ago. My niece was staying the night at me and Judy's apartment and we had gone for ice cream. Judy and I were talking in the other room and suddenly I heard this terrible noise..."MRRRrrOOOWWWW!" I yelled to Carlee to leave the cat alone. She came in to the room and was laughing so hard she had tears streaming down her face.

"Carlee! Leave the cat alone!" I yelled.

"H-h-h-e-ee got an ice cream headache!" she sputtered.

Judy and I looked at each other before starting to laugh and I said, "He did not!"

"Watch this!" she laughed.

'Stache, who had anxiously followed the cup full of ice cream into the room...whose eyes never left the cup, greedily lapped up the ice cream (I think it was Oreo).

We didn't have to wait long...suddenly the cat's face contorted and his lips pulled back from his fangs. His eyes disappeared behind their furry lids as a tortured "MMM-rrrrroww!" escaped his throat like a tortured opera singer. The three of us were laughing so hard we were gasping for air! Who in the world had ever heard of--let alone witnessed--a cat that gets ice cream headaches?!? Then the cat waited impatiently for more!!

Why am I telling this story? Well, I thought I was going to have to have him euthanized when I took him to the vet today. According to her (the vet), he is approximately 140 years old in cat years. My husband accidentally stepped on him on Friday and it aggravated the cat's arthritis. So, after another cortisone injection, he'll be good to lay on my furniture and harass me while I try to sleep, and snag my hand with the spoon while I try to eat my Wheaties so he can steal the milk, and lay on my baby while I try to feed her.....for a little while longer. THANK HEAVENS! And yes, he's just a cat! But I don't want him any other way!

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Anonymous said...

Cats are wonderful. I have three...and they are animals that relax someone. And we have two dogs....they get along just fine. I like to tell my Sheltie---"go get the kitty!"He does and usually gets popped on the nose. They love it. I'm glad for these furry creatures. And "Mashie" is one of a kind--his eyes twinkle when he looks at me...or sparkle. He's a lover. I'm glad you have him. MA