Tuesday, September 30, 2008


See?!! He's already preparing for his future as the next Einstein! With better hair...oh, and much, much cuter! And hopefully not any serious mental issues...!
Last night, I was so surprised by my #2 guppy. As we were reading before bed (I have been getting better about this) I decided on an experiment. Andrew has been reading titles of his books for a couple of months now. Well, I thought I'd see just how he would do. So, I asked him to read to me. He had chosen Clifford the Big Red Dog. Would you believe my little professor read almost the ENTIRE book to me? With the exception of a few compound words? I was stunned. Then, I wanted to explode with pride...and hug him...and want to call the people that make the rules for entrance to Kindergarten and tell them they are missing out on an incredible opportunity...my son...who missed the deadline for being 5 by 3 weeks.... it's frustrating! At least I get to have him always...

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