Monday, August 22, 2011

Samuel's School Saga Starts!

This was the scene last night when Samuel passed out on the couch. 
He kept asking all day when he was going to school.
Carried his backpack and new shoes around for 2 days.
Silently, it was killing me!
 I'd like to think I am a pro by now, but he is my baby boy, my snuggle-bug.
He asked me last night if I would stay with him at school.
He was worried about who would take care of him since I wouldn't be there.
I loved the sentiment! 
This morning, I said,
"Let's button up a button on your shirt."
He asked, "Why, Mommy?"
I said it just looked better.
He then said,
"Do you think it will make all the girls fall in love with me?"
Then, " Because they will have to deal with it because I am in love with (Aunt) Debbie!"

Makenna apparently had an opinion.
She was not happy that Sam was going somewhere without her!

Cute little sister!

Andrew was home with a headache and fever,
but obviously felt well enough to razz his brother.

He got upset because he wanted to go in where it was cool.

It was about 110 degrees when we dropped him off at 12:30.
Crazy and icky.

I had to take an after-shot.
I think he got cuter in the time he was gone!
LOVE this kid!


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